Cash Solutions

Safeguards G4S manages cash primarily for financial institutions and retailers.


Outsourcing cash management

Managing cash on behalf of financial institutions, including cash transportation, high security cash centres, counting and reconciling cash, fitness sorting of notes for use in automated teller machines (ATMs), counterfeit detection and removal, redistribution of cash to bank branches, ATMs and retail customers.

Cash consulting

Provision of consultancy services to central banks and commercial banks on overall cash management strategy, bank note production and security and all aspects of cash cycle efficiency.

ATM management 

Managing ATMs on behalf of banks, retailers and independent ATM providers – including cash forecasting, cash transportation and reconciliation services, first line maintenance and ATM engineering services.


An end to end cash management solution which can be tailored to fit the diversity of your requirements such as different store sizes and business objectives. Our solutions are proven across a range of businesses and sectors.

Cash transportation

Secure transportation of cash using high security vehicles, fully vetted and trained personnel and purpose-built technology to transport, protect, count and reconcile cash to customer records.